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Care Instructions

Keep your beautiful EUNOIA jewellery fresh and fab by taking good care of it. This includes:

  • Avoid getting your jewellery wet, this includes perfume, moisturisers, hairspray etc
  • Always take your jewellery off when showering or swimming
  • Always store in your EUNOIA jewellery pouch in a cool, dry place
  • Clean with a polishing cloth only (no detergents)

Other Product Considerations: 

Our EUNOIA Jewellery is hand finished which means each piece is unique, like you! When stones or gems are included in a piece it is important to remember that they are a natural stone and therefore will contain different and unique characteristics and dominant colours.

Our jewellery is made from the precious metal Pewter, a soft, yet durable metal. It’s low melting point and durability allow us to create jewellery with intricate detail however it does mean that the jewellery is fragile and must be cared for accordingly. If you drop it from a height onto a hard surface or leave it in your handbag where it might get squished there is a possibility it may get damaged on break. So please ensure when you are not wearing your Jewellery you store it in your EUNOIA jewellery pouch in a cool, dry place

Irritation from your Jewellery (or in general) is not cool! So, we use surgical steel earring posts to prevent irritation and all of our jewellery is lead-free.

Our Jewellery is 24k Gold Plated, due to the nature of gold a plating, and the frequency of wear, it can over time rub off and/or discolour. This is a natural part of the wear and tear, and is not considered and manufacturing fault.