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About Us

Our Mission.

Our Mission evolved from our name EUNOIA, a Greek word which translates in meaning to 'Beautiful Thinking'. 
We want to encourage Women to use 'Beautiful Thinking' as a tool because with beautiful thinking comes beautiful side effects like confidence, self-love, compassion and joy.
If we can provide a gorgeous product that makes you feel beautiful, your thoughts are more likely to follow. So yes, we are a Jewellery brand, but the Jewellery is just an enabler. What we really want is to enhance the mindset of our customers and that is what inspires every piece we design.


Our Story.

EUNOIA was created by Sisters and Co-Founders after their Father created a bespoke pair of earrings for them. The Sisters began to ponder how the simple act of adding a piece of jewellery could change your whole state and how a pair of earrings created with love felt so much more precious than that purchased from a mass-produced store.

As a duo, the Sisters both had careers in the Health and Wellness industry and truly believe that beauty has more to do with how you think and feel than how you look. They turned their passion for wellness into a jewellery brand with a mission to inspire confidence and positive mental wellbeing. At the heart of EUNOIA is a belief that women who feel beautiful are more inclined to have a positive mindset; that the feeling of beauty cultivated by a unique accessory can help promote an internal confidence.


Our Production.

The Co-Founders grew up helping out at their parents small manufacturing business on the Gold Coast. Their father’s craftsmanship and production facilities came in handy when they started independently exploring jewellery design. Their parent’s small business is now the sister’s main manufacturer, allowing them to closely oversee the creative process from conception to completion and produce small batches where precious materials are not wasted.

From the get-go, they wanted to ensure the Jewellery is affordable and have worked tirelessly on a model that can produce unique, quality Statement Jewellery that won't break the bank.

EUNOIA believes in small batch production with sustainability in mind, ethical standards, and do all we can to support the environment. We don’t claim to be perfect and we are still very new to this, but creating a sustainable and ethical brand is one of the most important visions we have for EUNOIA.


EUNOIA Co-Founders Jade and Crystal Robinson